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Longmoor Urban

2014-Apr-27 9:00 am

Category: Special Events
      12 Black team places remaining ...

Essex CQB

2014-Apr-30 7:00 pm

Category: Skirmishes
  Location: Witham, Essex Date: Wednesd...

Kent Woodland

2014-May-11 9:00 am

Category: Skirmishes
  Location: Paddock Wood, Kent Date: Sund...

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Andean Sunset May 17th-18th

Combining tactical training, night ops, and a full day skirmish (all at a purpose-built hostile envi...

News Articles

Longmoor - April 27th

The urban skirmish at Longmoor will be held on Sunday April 27th, and discounted advance tickets a...

News Articles

Badgertac2 discount for FCS Facebookers

  James at Badgertac 2 has kindly offered a 10% discount to all our Facebook friends. To find the...

Weapon of Choice

Weapon of Choice: April - the P90

The FNH P90 is a futuristic Personal Defence Weapon. Designed strictly for close-quarters-combat, it...


Bournemouth Training & Skirmish

2014-05-17 9:00 am

Category: Special Events
    OP: ANDEAN SUNSET   This two-part event will involve training on day 1, followed by night operations, and a full-day scenario on day 2.   BACKGROUND: Venezuela is falling. Conflict with powerful drug cartels has escalated to the po...

Longmoor Urban

2014-04-27 9:00 am

Category: Special Events
      12 Black team places remaining 9 Camo team places remaining   Location: Liss, Hampshire Date: Sunday April 27th Walkon: £55 Advance walkon: £50 (available until April 13th) Early-bird booking: £45 (available until March 30...

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